5 Best 4G Game Trail Cameras On The Market In 2021 Reviews

Are you searching for a 4g game camera? 

Or you want to know what 4g trail camera actually is? 

Then you should read this post because I will describe this type of camera and I will recommend you some of the best 4g game cameras you can purchase. You can also find out how to use these cameras. 


What Should You Know About 4g Trail Camera?

What is Trail camera?

The trail camera is another name for the game camera. This is a sort of camera which you can take pictures with but you don`t have to have it in your hands. Everything that 4g game camera records you will receive on your phone. The best place to set a trail camera is on the tree because there it is less visible.

Where You Can Use 4g Game Camera?

This type of camera is appropriate to use if you want to have pictures of wild animals or unapproachable places. You can set a camera in the wild and watch what`s going on there. 4g hunting camera will be the best choice for hunters or wildlife enthusiasts. 

How 4g Trail Camera Works? 

The trail camera is connected with your phone by wifi or SIM card. You can set a game camera, for example, in the forest and see on your phone when something is passing by. It’s good for those who are too busy to be all the time in the wild searching for animals. 

Why 4g Is A Good Feature Of Trail Cameras?

As its name says, a 4g trail camera uses a 4g network connection. That provides you the best quality pictures what is important because places in the wild can be dark, have poor light conditions. It also enables you a fast transfer of photos from the camera to your phone. 

What Price You Will Pay For 4g Game Camera? 

When it comes to game camera price, 4g game camera models aren’t too expensive than other game camera types. It varies depending on the quality and specification of each 4g trail camera. In general, these cameras cost about 200 dollars. If the price is high, you can be sure that you will get a quality product. 

5 Best 4g Trail Cameras Reviews 

Best 4g Cellular Trail Camera

Spypoint Link Micro 4G Cellular Trail Camera

Compact Design

This model of trail cameras has very small dimensions (3.1″ x 4.4″ x 2.2″) what makes this camera practical. You can carry it easily and put in small bags or even in a pocket. It comes in neutral brown and gray mixed colors, so it blends in the wild. To set the Spypoint trail camera on the tree you will get needed equipment.

Spypoint Link Micro 4G Cellular Trail Camera

Insured From Stealing

This camera includes 8 AA batteries and a micro-SD card, you can’t use standard SD-card. It can be located by GPS, so you don’t have to worry that someone will steal your camera when you can’t be there. This game camera is connected with your phone using the 4g network.

Spypoint Trail Camera Mobile App

To watch photos Spypoint trail camera takes you will need to download the mobile app which is available for android and iPhone. Using this app you can manage with this trail camera wherever it is located. The distance between you and the camera isn’t important. But one camera can be connected with just one mobile device. 

Spypoint Link Micro 4G Cellular Trail Camera review

Free Limit of 100 Pictures

This trail camera with its mobile app has a limited range of photos you can take free. If you catch max. 100 photos per month, you don`t have to pay. Also, when you buy this product, you have one month of unlimited pictures. If you want to take more than 100 photos, you will have to spend a little amount of money, 15 dollars maximum.  

The Quality Of Pictures

Photos you will get from this Spypoint game camera are colored if they are made by day and infrared by night. Also, on each picture, you can read what date and time, temperature and moon phase were when pictures are made.


  • practical to carry
  • GPS included
  • connected with a mobile app on a big distance
  • 100 photos for free

Best 4g Hunting Camera

Creative XP Trail Camera

Colors Make It Invisible

Like the trail camera I reviewed above, this camera has neutral green and brown colors that fit in the wild area. This camera includes a SIMHERO data card and 12 AA batteries. If you don’t want to change batteries all the time, this camera includes a solar panel for charging.

Creative XP Trail Camera

Perfect Night Vision

The best feature of this 4g hunting camera is high-quality photos. Creative XP camera has a full-HD night vision that makes it practical. This product also offers full-HD video quality. Because of this, the price is higher.

Lifetime Warranty

One of the best characteristics this trail camera has is a lifetime warranty. This camera is long-lasting because it is waterproof and you can charge the batteries by solar energy. You will get Creative XP solar panel which you can set up beside the trail camera. This way the camera batteries won’t be empty. 

Creative XP Trail Camera review

Photos Limit

The limit of photos you can achieve if you don`t want to pay is 500 pictures what is the pretty low limit. You can also pay 8 dollars and have storage for 1500 photos what sounds much better. The good feature this camera has is the SD cycle card which ensures there is always space on storage. 

Practical Settings

Creative XP camera has a timer that enables you to set up the time you want to take a photo, as well as time interval of shooting. This can be useful for you not only for hunting but also to oversee your house when you`re not home.


  • high-quality photos and video
  • charging by solar power

Best 4g Lte Trail Camera

Snyper Commander 4g Lte Trail Camera

Neutral Colors Design 

This Snyper commander 4g lte trail camera is small enough to carry and set on a tree. Like the other two reviewed models, this game camera is also colored to fit in the wild. Gps is included in the device, so the camera is protected from stealing. 

Snyper Commander 4GLTE Cellular Trail Camera Snyper - Commander 4GLTE Trail Camera 12MP1080P

Connection With Any Network

To connect your mobile phone with this 4g lte trail camera, you have to use the Snyper mobile app which you can download for free. But unlike Spypoint trail camera, you can connect this camera with any mobile device that is an advantage if you use more than one phone. 

Good Resolution Of 12 MP Photos 

This camera has 12 MP photo resolution which is a big difference from an average smartphone camera. You will be satisfied with detailed photos of animals. Snyper commander 4g camera has quality night vision, too. 

Snyper Commander 4GLTE Cellular Trail Camera Snyper - Commander 4GLTE Trail Camera 12MP1080P review

Equipment Is Sold Separately

You can charge Snyper 4g camera by solar panel, but it’s not a part of this camera package. You have to buy it separately as well as equipment for setting the camera on a tree. You can put this trail camera on a big distance from your smartphone. 

Safe For Environment

Snyper commander 4g lte camera blends in the wild and doesn’t produce any sound. So you can be sure this device won’t disturb animals and it’s safe for the environment. Deers and other animals won’t notice it, so the camera isn’t in danger of getting destroyed by animals. 


  • GPS protects from stealing
  • good photo resolution
  • equipment isn’t included

Best 4g Trail Camera For Security

Spartan 4g Lte Gocam Wireless Trail Camera

Gray Color And Security Box 

This Spartan 4g trail camera comes in gray color. That makes it more unnoticeable is the security box included in Spartan 4g game camera package. You can put the camera in this box and set on the place you want to oversee. The problem could appear because of the antenna of the trail camera, so it won’t suit in the box. 

SPARTAN GoCam Blackout Flash 4GLTE Verizon Camo

Paying For 4g Connection

This camera is connected with the 4g network, but you have to pay 5 dollars per month. This isn’t a lot of money, but you can  The photos captured by Spartan 4g camera you can watch on the mobile app or on the web portal.  

TBS Multi-Tool Included

The good thing this camera includes a multi-function tool kit. With this tool, you can crash glass of security box if your camera got stuck. Another option this multi-tool offers is light for a case you set up the camera by night. 

SPARTAN GoCam Blackout Flash 4GLTE Verizon Camo review

Only 8 MP Resolution 

The photo resolution of this trail camera is the most 8 MP, which is not as quality as, for example, Snyper camera reviewed above. But Spartan go cam Verizon 4g camera has good night vision of photos and video. 

Memory Always Insured 

The Spartan trail camera has an option to delete old photos. This feature enables you to have enough memory all the time. This is practical because you don’t have to take care of the number of photos on storage.


  • security box and multi-tool kit included
  • a lot of memory for photos

Best 4g Wildlife Camera

Spypoint Link 4g Trail Camera

Different But Still Neutral Design

This camera design differs from other cameras I reviewed in this post because the Spypoint link w 4g camera is completely black. This color is as neutral as gray or brown, so this trail camera will suit in wild area, too. 

SPYPOINT LINK-EVO-V Cellular Trail Camera

Good Photo Quality And HD Resolution Video

Spypoint link 4g camera has 12 MP photo resolution and LED light for shooting by night. You can also make videos with this camera. The video will have HD resolution. You have to take care of memory, so you can change SD cards from time by time. 

Big Detection Distance

This trail camera will take a picture if sensors notice movement on the distance of even 80 feet from the camera. This big range of detection enables you to see almost everything that happens in the wild. The special plastic lens on the bottom of the camera enables motion detection. So it’s very important that the lens is not damaged. 

SPYPOINT LINK-EVO-V Cellular Trail Camera review

Equipment For Spypoint 4g Camera

In the box with Spypoint link w 4g, you will get a mounting bracket to set the camera easily. There is included SIM card too, but the SD memory card is not in the package. You will also have to buy separately 8 AA batteries. It’s very important not to use different battery types because there could make damage to the camera. 


  • 80 feet moving detection 
  • black color
  • batteries and memory card not included
  • mounting bracket included

Conclusion: Which Are Two Best Trail Cameras? 

The trail camera I recommend you purchase is Creative XP trail camera. It has a high-quality photo resolution and you can charge the camera by a solar panel. The second one I recommend is the Spartan GoCam trail camera. It has 8 MP resolution, so the photo quality isn’t very well, but you will always have enough memory and the camera is secured in the special box. 

If you want to find out more about the best trail camera for money, you can read my post about cheap trail cameras.  But if you are more interested in technology advanced models, check out my post about the best wireless and Bluetooth game cameras. If you aren’t sure which is the best model for you, read my post about best-rated trail cameras and find the perfect model for you.