Best 5 Deer Game Trail Camera You Can Choose In 2021 Reviews

Do you want to purchase a deer camera that will show you all what’s going on in the wood?

Then you should read this post.

In this post, I will present to you the best deer game cameras. You can read 5 reviews to be able to choose the best deer trail camera model for you.


Things To Know About Deer Camera

What Is A Deer Camera?

The deer camera is a kind of game camera that has all the features needed for wood supervising. With a deer cam, you can watch deers and other animals but you don’t have to be in the wood. The deer trail camera is an auto-recording camera.

How Do Good Deer Cameras Function?

When you mount your deer camera in the wood and leave it, the camera motion detection sensors will identify animals and the camera will capture them. Most of the deer cameras have a quality night light, so you will be able to see also night photos of deers.

Who Can Use Deer Cameras For Sale?

You can use a deer camera if you want to watch deer behavior in studying, hunting or another purpose. A deer camera is appropriate both for professionals and animal lovers. So you can use this type of camera for work as well as for fun.

Deer Cameras That Send Pictures To Your Phone

You can buy a deer camera with an option for receiving on your phone all the photos the camera shoots at the same moment. This is possible via cellular or network connection between the camera and phone device. For cellular connectivity, you will have to pay a certain amount monthly, the average price is 10 dollars.

Where To Buy Deer Trail Cameras?

If you decide to buy a deer trail camera, you can check the offer on the webshops, such as Amazon. You can find out all the information about the product and see pictures. The prices of deer cameras on Amazon are different. The average good quality deer camera costs about 100 dollars.

Best 5 Deer Cameras For Sale

Best Night Vision Deer Camera

Wildgame Innovations Silent Crush Camera

Less Noticeable For Deers

This deer camera has a grey harsh texture that suits the wood environment. It’s less possibility for deers to notice it, so you can see their natural behavior. When you open the camera, you will find a couple of operation buttons that are simple to use. There is a screen that allows you to set the camera.

Wildgame Innovations Silent Crush Camera

Photo Resolution Better Than Video 

The deers and other animals in the wood will be clear on the pictures. This is because of 20MP photo resolution which gives you view in detail as well as anti-fog lens option the camera contains. The camera has a video mode, too. The video resolution is not so good as photo resolution, but satisfying 720p. You can record a video for the most 30 seconds.

Not Disturbing Night Light

This trail camera is appropriate for night supervising because it contains 42 IR LEDs that don’t glow. So you can see what animals were doing at night in detail, just like you can see on the daytime photos. Moreover, the night light won’t disturb them when the camera captures a photo.

Wildgame Innovations Silent Crush Camera review

Long-lasting Batteries

The Crush deer cam battery can work up to 1 year, of course, it depends how often you use it. After some time, when the batteries get empty, you will have to change them with new 8 AA batteries. There’s not possible to insert rechargeable batteries.

Mounting Equipment In The Box

You won’t get the batteries and SD card in the box with the camera. The maximum size of the SD camera is 32GB. The thing you will get is a mounting strap to set the camera on the tree. It’s practical mounting material and might be enough for you, but you can purchase equipment which you need separately, such as style tripod which you can put in foliage.


Best Live Deer Camera Cellular

Bushnell Impulse Trail Camera

Easy To Open

This Bushnell deer camera is made of texture which blends in the wood surface. You can open it to insert 12AA batteries which you need to change after some time. The camera can be mounted on the tree using a trail camera strap.

Bushnell Impulse Trail Camera

Wireless Or Cellular Connection

This trail camera is cellular, which means this is one of the deer cameras that send pictures to your phone. You can connect this camera with your mobile phone via wireless or Bluetooth, but the connection is stronger on cellular networks. The wifi connection functions on the maximum distance of 150 ft.

Live Stream Video Mode

The great option which mobile app offers is a live streaming video. This way you can see from your house what’s going on with deers at this moment.  You can use the mobile app to store the photos and remove space on the camera.

Bushnell Impulse Trail Camera review

Information Of The Camera Location

This Bushnell camera has 20MP photo resolution. The camera is protected from stealing because it has GPS, so you can see where it’s placed. You can also receive information on the date, time, temperature and moon phase. These data are marked at the bottom of every photo.

32 GB On SD Card

You can choose the camera package with an SD card included or you can buy it separately. The memory card storage size is 32 GB which could be enough if you collect your photos on a smartphone using a mobile app.


  • live streaming
  • cellular, wireless, Bluetooth connection
  • GPS activated

Best Bluetooth Deer Camera

Stealth Cam FLX Trail Camera

Simple Operation Buttons Desk 

This Stealth deer camera has a simple grey pattern, the lens is in the middle of the device and there’s a cover on the bottom part. Under the cover, there’s a screen with operation buttons and it’s not difficult to learn how to use them. There’s also USB, SD card slots and the camera has an antenna for connection.

Stealth Cam FLX Wireless

Wireless And Bluetooth Connectivity

This camera doesn’t accept cellular networks. This is wifi deer camera and also Bluetooth acceptable. This way you can save your money which you’d have to give for 4G network and data plan. The Bluetooth and wifi function on the distance range of 30-50 ft. So it’s appropriate for you if you live near the wood and want to capture deers that come in your yard.

Doesn’t Require SIM Card

For your phone connection with the camera, you don’t need a SIM card. The mobile app is simple and you can use it to manage with the camera settings. You will receive a message when new photos are captured. You can watch them at the same time and download them.

Stealth Cam FLX Wireless review

The Best Photo Resolution

The main advantage of this camera is the ultra-high 30MP resolution. The video resolution is also quality, 1080P video is satisfying. The camera offers blur reduction, too. These features make pictures and videos view clear and sharp.

Low Bright Flashlight

At night, the camera captures the pictures using 42 IR lights, which have low brightness, so the deers and other animals will ignore it. If deers run, the camera activates 0,4s fast trigger and the running animal photos are also quality.


  • up to 50 ft wifi and Bluetooth connection
  • 30MP photo resolution

Best Solar Powered Deer Camera

Spypoint Solar Trail Camera

Colored Screen Beneath The Cover

This Spypoint deer camera comes in black color. It has a tripod slot on the bottom, but you can set it using straps or brackets. Inside the camera, you can watch the pictures on the color screen and choose the modes when pressing tree 4 buttons, including of/off button.

Spypoint Solar Trail Camera

Speaker Built-In The Camera

This trail camera can offer you the photos of 12MP resolution and quality HD video with sound recording option. You can choose time-lapse and continuous shooting modes. The camera stores images and videos on the SD card which you have to buy.

Recognizes Deers Far Away

The night photos have the same quality because the camera LED flash to lighten up the area of the most 90 ft. Moreover, 0,7s trigger speed enables to capture of fast deers. The camera motion detection activates when the deer or any animals or human is moving on a distance of 75 ft.

Spypoint Solar Trail Camera review

Built-in Solar Panel

This Spypoint deer camera requires the rechargeable batteries and also has a built-in solar panel. This option of solar power charging saves your money you would spend on the batteries. Except that, you can leave the camera in the wood and be sure it’s always full.

The Camera Package

In the box with the camera, you can find mounting bracket, strap, and Start Guide which will show you how to mount it and how to use the camera. You can purchase more equipment for mounting separately. For example, a style tripod is ideal for this model because the camera has an equivalent slot.


  • 90 ft light range
  • built-in solar panel
  • mounting bracket and strap included

Best Small Deer Camera

Covert Scouting Trail Camera

Practical Mini Version Camera

This is a mini version of the Covert deer camera. The camera has the practical size, it suits your palm, so you can carry it in your hand. The camera has two antennas because it supports network connection. The camera comes in a camouflage design, so it’s appropriate for mounting in the wood.

Covert Scouting Cellular Camera

Mobile App Or Web Portal

This small trail camera accepts cellular networks, such as Verizon and AT&T. You can connect the camera with your mobile phone or you can watch your photos on Covert Web Portal. You can see all the information about the photo which includes time, date, temperature and moon phase. This can help you in deer studying or for hunting.

Silent And Safe For Deers

This Covert deer camera can capture 18MP photo resolution pictures in the silent mode, so it won’t disturb animals. The video resolution is 1080P HD. The camera is safe for deers at night, too. That’s because it has no glow LED light which can lighten up the wood area up to 100 ft range.

Covert Scouting Cellular Camera review

Time-lapse Or Motion Detection

There are plenty of modes you can choose in-camera settings. One of them is burst mode with 1-10 shots. You can set time-lapse mode or wait to the motion detection sensors to be activated. The camera can locate the movement in a 45-degree wide area. This trail camera is also heat activated.


  • cellular network available
  • silent mode
  • 45°wide view

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Deer Trail Camera?

If you wonder which deer camera is the best choice, I recommend you this Spypoint solar-powered deer camera and this Covert deer camera. The main advantage of the Spypoint camera is its built-in solar panel. The Covert camera is also worth to buy because it can send pictures on your mobile phone and has a quality resolution.

If you’re interested in other cameras for hunting, you can read this post about the best hunting camera models. If you like to have network connectivity with your phone, this best cellular trail camera post is for you. If you prefer wifi connection, I have this best wireless game camera post for you.