Best 5 Bushnell Game Trail Cameras For Sale In 2021 Reviews

Are you interested in the Bushnell game camera?

Do you want to purchase a Bushnell trail camera but have no idea which one to choose?

Then keep reading this post because I will give you all the information about the Bushnell brand and I will review the best Bushnell trail cameras for sale. You can learn about their specifications and choose the best Bushnell trail camera for yourself.


Information About Bushnell Brand

Long Tradition Of The Brand

The Bushnell company has more than 65-year-old tradition. This brand is one of the leading brands in outdoor accessories manufacture. You can check this brand offer if you need an outfit for hunting, birding, fishing or sports. Today, Bushnell improves its technology, so this brand is still one of the leaders.

A Plenty Of Bushnell Products

Not only trail cameras, but Bushnell also offers products such as binoculars, red dots, spotting scopes, riflescopes, rangefinders and equipment for camping. All these products the Bushnell team produces in their Factory Outlet and offer service support for their customers.

Where To Buy Bushnell Products?

If you decide to buy a Bushnell trail camera, you can do this on Bushnell official website, from their partners or from webshops. Amazon is one of the best webshops you can visit to find the Bushnell model you want. On Amazon site, you can read a detailed description of the product, check customer reviews and see the pictures to know how a trail camera looks like.

Price Range Of Bushnell Trail Cameras

Since Bushnell is one of the leading trail cameras producers, most of its game cameras cost above a hundred dollars. You can also buy a cheaper model, but the price is almost high. For the quality this brand offers, the price is normal. If you need a trail camera in professional purposes, Bushnell products are worth to buy. There are also affordable cameras for nature enthusiasts.

How Long Does The Warranty Last?

For all the questions you can visit Bushnell official website because there’s all the information which may interest you, such as delivery, returns or warranty. Bushnell offers an ironclad warranty, which means your product is ensured for its lifetime. This period depends on each product, so the warranty may last from a few years to 30 years.

Best 5 Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews

Bushnell Impulse Trail Camera

The Structure Of The Bushnell Impulse

This Bushnell 20mp trail camera has a design suitable for hunting because its cover is brown and blends in the wild environment. In the middle of the camera, there is the lens and inside the camera, there is a small screen with a few operation buttons. There is also a place for the batteries and a slot for mounting strap.

Bushnell Impulse Trail Camera

Connected With The Smartphone

This Bushnell camera is a cellular camera with AT&T and Verizon network connectivity. So you can download the mobile app, connect the camera with your smartphone and receive files from the camera. Except for receiving the photos, you can see live views of the camera and do live capturing. You can check the price list on the Bushnell website. You can also transfer the images from the camera to the phone using a wireless or Bluetooth connection.

Video Length And Photo Quality

This Bushnell cellular camera enables you to see the wildlife clearly because of its 20MP photo resolution and 1080P video resolution. The maximum length of the video is 1 minute and the sound recording is included. You can check the bottom part of the pictures to find out the date, time, temperature and moon phase. The night vision of the camera is quality thanks to 48 LEDs which produce the light of up to 100 ft distance range.

Bushnell Impulse Trail Camera review

The Needed Accessories 

The camera needs 8 batteries which can last about 6 months. The camera supports solar power, too. You have to buy a solar panel separately. The most size of the SD card which is compatible is 32GB. The memory card and the batteries are sold separately.

Protected From Stealing

This product has a 2-years warranty and it’s protected from stealing. This protection allows built-in GPS, which helps you to find the trail camera if someone takes it in the wood. Moreover, the anti-theft system protects the camera, too.


  • 20MP photo resolution
  • up to 60 seconds of the video
  • 100 ft night vision distance
  • cellular, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity

Bushnell 20mp Trophy Cam HD Aggressor

Neutral Design With Screen And Buttons

This Bushnell aggressor trail camera has the same structure as the previous model I reviewed. Inside the camera, there are operation buttons and the screen you can you to set the camera modes. On the right side, you can insert the batteries there. Outside cover of the camera is grey, not so camouflage like the Bushnell impulse trail camera, but neutral.

Bushnell 20mp Trophy Cam HD Aggressor

Invisible LED Lights Range

This Bushnell trail camera stands out because of its high-quality night vision. The camera includes no glow night flashlight which makes it invisible at night both for animals and humans. The 48LED lights are 100 ft long, just like motion detection distance range.

The Quality Of Fast Movement Photos

The motion sensors detects 100 ft far moving object and the camera captures it using 0,2 seconds trigger speed. The recovery rate is 0,5 seconds, so this trail camera can offer you clear pictures of fast animals. The photos are clear thanks to 20MP photo resolution and 1080P video quality. You can record the video of the most 60 seconds length.

Bushnell 20mp Trophy Cam HD Aggressor review

Simple To Handle With The Camera

This trail camera shouldn’t be difficult to manage because it includes 5 buttons, so you can choose the settings you like quickly. There is a stamp on the photos, like date, time, temperature and moon phase. This camera also included GPS, which gives you a kind of insurance from stealing. The insurance from manufacture damages lasts for 2 years.

Solar Power Possibility

You can insert 8 AA batteries in the camera and change it after about 1 year. The battery life is long, but if you want to be sure the camera works all the time, you can charge it using solar panels. The trail camera requires 32GB or less SD memory card.


  • easy to handle
  • long-distance night vision
  • 1-year battery life

Bushnell 16mp Trophy Cam HD Essential E3 Trail Camera

Less Visible On A Tree

This Bushnell HD trail camera texture is similar to the Bushnell no glow trail camera reviewed above. This camera color is also neutral grey, so the camera is less visible on a tree if it’s mounted in the wood. You can manage the camera settings using the operation buttons and the screen inside.

Bushnell 16mp Trophy Cam HD Essential E3 Trail Camera

Day And Night Modes

Unlike the previous two models, this camera has 16MP photo resolution and a lower video resolution of 720P. The sound recording mode on the video is turned on. This Bushnell E3 camera changes the night and day mode depending on the time. In night mode, the camera uses night flash which can lighten up the field of up to 100 ft long. The night light is invisible thanks to is no glow effect.

Information About The Picture

The trail camera works with 0,3 trigger speed which allows it to shoot fast movements. With 0,1s recovery time, the camera can capture more photos, so you can watch the whole action. The information on the picture, such as time, date and temperature can help you when studying animals.

Bushnell 16mp Trophy Cam HD Essential E3 Trail Camera review

Missing Features And Options

The camera doesn’t have cellular or wireless connectivity, doesn’t include GPS and it isn’t compatible with solar panels. So the camera works with 8 AA batteries you have to change after about 1 year, just like the Bushnell Aggressor model.


  • 16MP photo and 720P video resolution
  • 1-year battery
  • 0,1s recovery time
  • GPS and network not included

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 12mp Trail Camera

All Temperature Conditions Resistant

This Bushnell HD trail camera is a little darker than others I’ve reviewed. Its color makes it less noticeable in nature and its material makes it more durable in outdoor places. that means this camera is waterproof and resistant to the low temperatures as well as to the high temperatures. The camera can work on -5°F to 140°F.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 12mp Trail Camera

Photo Resolution And Modes

This Bushnell trail camera has 12MP photo quality, which is less than previous models, but still enough to see clearly. The video quality is 720P, it’s not the highest quality. In the video mode, the camera can film the most 60-seconds video. When capturing, the camera uses multi-image mode, so it shoots 1-3 times. This is helpful to record fast movements.

Running Animals View

This Bushnell outdoor camera includes 3 PIR which use for detecting motion on the distance of a maximum 80 ft. It’s for 20 ft less than the models reviewed above offer. no matter how fast the movement is. The camera has 0,3s trigger speed, so you can watch running animals, too.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 12mp Trail Camera review

Equipment For The Camera

The SD card and the batteries are not included, so you have to purchase a maximum of 32GB SD card and 8 AA batteries. This Bushnell model also enables you to use the camera for about 1-year without changing the batteries.

Mounting On A Tree

For watching the photos or videos, you can connect the camera with the computer or TV using a USB cable. For mounting this Bushnell hunting camera outdoor, you will get the mounting belt suitable for this camera. The best is to hang the trail camera on a tree or a pillar.


  • waterproof
  • 80 ft detection distance

Bushnell Bandit Trail Camera

Vintage Design And Simple Usage

This Bushnell trail camera comes in a similar color like the Bushnell E2 trail camera, but it has a more vintage design. It’s easy to handle and with simple marked operation buttons and a small screen. On another side, there’s the place for batteries, just like in all Bushnell models.

Bushnell Bandit Trail Camera

Time Lapse and Motion Detection 

This trail camera has 14MP photo resolution. You can choose the video model, too. The video has 1080P resolution and includes an audio option. The camera has a time-lapse mode as well as PIR motion detection sensors with an 80 ft distance range.

Flash Range Wider Than PIR

The flashlight in the dark lightens up the area of 100 ft. There are 36 LEDs with low glow effect, so the camera is safe for the animals. It’s useful for capturing action and fast motion because of its 0,3s trigger speed. So, the camera is useful for hunting or wildlife.

Bushnell Bandit Trail Camera review

One-Year Limited Warranty

The battery life is the same as most of Bushnell models, so the battery can work up to 1 year.  You have to buy the batteries separately. Unlike the other Bushnell trail cameras, this one comes with a 1-year warranty.  The package includes a mounting strap, so you can mount it on a tree.


Bushnell Trail Camera Parts And Accessories

The most important for the trail camera is mounting equipment. Most of Bushnell trail camera packages includes mounting straps or bracket, but you can purchase the tripod separately if you need it. You can also find the best SD card for Bushnell trail cameras. All the Bushnell trail camera accessories are in the Bushnell offer which you can check on its website.

Bushnell Trail Camera Instruction And Manual

In the package with the trail cameras, you’ll get the Instruction book. It might help you to learn how to use the camera or how to mount it. The instruction manual is also available online for the case you lose the book. You can read the Bushnell trail camera manual here on the Bushnell website. There’s instruction for most of the Bushnell models.

Conclusion: Which Bushnell Game Camera To Choose?

If you need a trail camera with the best quality resolution, this Bushnell Impulse trail camera, and this Bushnell 20MP Trophy camera are the best. Both cameras have the same 20MP resolution and 100 ft flashlight range. Bushnell Impulse has cellular and wireless connectivity, so it’s better for you if you want to receive photos on the phone.

If you want to see other brands offer, you can check this post about best-rated trail camera models. If you want to use the trail camera outdoor, you can read this post about the best wildlife camera. And if you like connection possibility, this best cellular trail camera post is for you.