Best 5 Game Trail Camera For Security Use In 2021 Reviews

Are you contemplating buying trail cameras for security that will protect your house from stealing?

Then this post is just for you.

I will present to you 5 best trail cameras for security models you can buy for your home protection, so you can decide which would be the ideal to secure your home. You can also read some information about the game camera for security.


What You Should Know About Trail Cameras For Security?

What Is Game Camera For Security?

Trail or game camera for security is a camera that you can install in your home to oversee it. You can use it if you have problems with stealing. This camera will record thieves that’s moving around and you will have material for their identification.

Which Characteristics Should It Have?

To see thieves clearly, the camera should have a good quality resolution. It’s important to have quality night vision because most of the stealing happens at night. No glow lights are desirable because you don’t want the thieves to notice the camera and crash it. The game camera for security should have a long motion detection range in order to oversee every part of your house or yard.

Where You Can Use Security Camera Games?

You can mount a trail camera for security inside as well as outside. It can protect your home or workplace. It’s suitable for an angle or an unnoticeable inside your house, your office or another indoor place. If you want to know who’s moving in your yard, which you can set up on a tree, a pillar or in some angle with a good view on your yard.

How To Know Who’s There Instantly?

If you’re not at home and you want to receive a photo message when the robbery happens in your house, you have to purchase a cellular trail camera that sends the pictures to your phone. It’s possible when you connect the camera with your phone using the network.

Best 5 Trail Cameras For Security Reviews

Best No Glow Trail Camera For Security

Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera

Less Noticeable Between The Furniture

This Bushnell game camera for security is ideal to stand in an angle of your house because it comes in a gray neutral color, less visible between house furniture. Inside the camera, there are operation buttons, the screen, and the batteries. It’s simple to use using marked buttons.

Bushnell 16mp Trophy Cam HD Essential E3 Trail Camera

Data Stamp On Pictures

This trail camera can offer you a view of 16 MP, but if you need sharper pictures, you can choose the 20MP model. But 16MP photo and 720P video resolution should be enough to catch thieves. The pictures include a data stamp. It could help you to see what time and date the stealing happened, and also what temperature and moon phase were at this moment. The photos include GPS coordinates, too.

Recording Video For 60 Seconds

The camera starts to record a video when sensors notice motion, but it stops recording after 60 seconds. The video can be stoped before 1 minute if the sensors don’t notice an object anymore. So you can be sure the camera will record a video with someone inside the frame and there won’t be unuseful videos.

Bushnell 20mp Trophy Cam HD Aggressor review

Maximum Of 100 Ft 

As I’ve mentioned, the camera includes the sensors which can identify motion on the maximum distance of 100 ft. So you can be sure you won’t miss anything that happens in your home, nor in the daytime, neither at night. That’s because the camera uses low-glow night flash which also has 100 ft range.

Long Battery Life 

This trail camera has a durable battery. It can last up for about 1 year. The camera includes 8AA batteries, so you can purchase the new batteries easily and change them. The battery, like the SD card, isn’t included in the Bushnell security camera package. You can insert the SD card of the most 32GB memory.


  • 16MP photo resolution
  • 60 seconds of the video
  • about 1-year battery life

Best Cellular Trail Camera For Home Security

Creative XP 3G Cellular Trail Camera

Both For Inside And Outside

This one of the best game camera for security use has a green blend-in pattern inside. On the top part of the camera, there’s an antenna for network connection with a smartphone or another device. Its material is waterproof, so you can use it outside, too.

Creative XP Hunting Camera

Benefits Of Network Connectivity 

Cellular connectivity is the main advantage of this trail camera. You will get a SIM card, needed to connect the camera with your mobile phone. When you install the mobile app, you can receive photos and videos from the camera a few seconds after the camera captures them. This feature enables you to know immediately what’s going on in your home, so that’s why this CreativeXP model is on the list of best trail cameras for security.

Photos Price List 

If you want to connect the camera and phone to receive photos, you can use any network because this camera requires a SIMHERO card. For receiving the photos on your phone you need to pay, depending on the photo number. You can receive 500 photos for free and above this number, there’s Creative XP price list. The profitable data plan costs about 8 dollars.

Creative XP Hunting Camera review

Daytime And Night Vision Quality

This camera can offer you clear both day and night photos thanks to its high-quality resolution. The photo resolution is 12MP and the video is 1080P. At night the camera uses 56 IR LEDs whose range is 65 ft. Thanks to its no glow light, the camera is invisible in dark.

Long And Wide Perspective

Not only a long-distance view, but the camera also has a wide-angle view of 110°. It has 0,4 trigger speed, so the camera is capable to capture fast movements, like running or jumping. The wide view photos will be stored on the SD card of 32GB memory space, which is included in the package.


  • cellular connectivity
  • payment for a data plan
  • 65 ft long and 110°wide view

Best Hunting Camera For Home Security

Meidase Outdoor Security Game Camera

Simple Keypad And Color Screen

This security camera comes in grey pattern design inside. You can open the camera to see the photos on the colored screen and choose settings pressing on the operation buttons under the screen. Inside the camera, there’s also the batteries slot with protective cover.

Meidase S3 Trail Camera

Mounting Outside And Inside

This trail camera can work inside as well as outside thanks to its waterproof material. So you can set it up in your house, but you can also use this camera for your yard or garden. The camera has a strap hole at the back part for mounting the camera outdoor using straps.

Satisfying View Angle

Although this trail camera doesn’t have a view as wide-angle as the Creative XP model I reviewed above has but it has more quality photo resolution. So, the camera can capture 90°wide 20MP quality photos and record 1080P video. The video length can be from 3 seconds to 5 minutes.

Meidase S3 Trail Camera review

Detection Range Longer Than Lights

The detection range is 120°wide and 82 ft long. You can also choose the time-lapse mode and repeat capturing from 1 second to 24 hours. The night flash range is 65 ft, which means not all objects detection sensors notice can be visible on the photos.

Batteries And SD Card Sold Separately

This game camera for security package doesn’t include an SD card and the batteries. You have to buy 8 AA batteries which you will have to change after about 6 months of usage. The SD card should have the most 32GB space. As I’ve mentioned, the mounting strap is included in the box.


  • 120°detection range
  • 65 ft night vision
  • 82 ft detection range
  • mounting strap included

Best Tree Mounted Security Camera

Campark T70 Trail Camera

Mounted On Tree Easily

Just like the previous model, this Campark trail camera is purposed for outdoor security, too. It allows waterproof material that can handle rainy and cold weather as well as mounting straps for mounting on a tree. But there’s also wall mount for installation inside the house. Wherever you set it, the camera will be less noticeable because of its camouflage design.

Campark T70 Trail Game Camera No Glow Night Vision 14MP 1080P

Fast Movements Recording

The hight video resolution this trail camera has is 14MP of photo and 1080P of video. You can watch videos of 1-3 minutes length, so that should be enough for recognizing thieves. The night vision is good because of night IR flash with no glow effect.

Sensors Length For Security

The camera can identify the motion on a distance of 65 ft maximum. It uses 0,5 trigger speed to catch the movement. With this fast trigger speed and this long motion detection distance, the camera is a useful trail camera as a security camera.

Campark T70 Trail Game Camera No Glow Night Vision 14MP 1080P review

No Batteries Inside

Inside the camera, you can find the color screen, operation buttons, and the batteries slot. You won’t find the batteries inside, so you have to purchase 8 AA batteries. They are durable for about 6 months and it depends on how often you use the camera and which modes you use.


  • mounting strap and tripod included
  • waterproof
  • up to 3-minute video length

Best Cheap Game Camera For Security

Apeman Surveillance Trail Camera

Not Confusing Setting Buttons

This trail security camera has camouflage colors, so the camera is appropriate for both inside and outside supervising. Beneath the cover, the camera has a color screen and a few operation buttons. The buttons are simple, they won’t confuse you.

APEMAN Trail Camera 12MP 1080P 2.4 LCD Game&Hunting Camera with 940nm

Video Shows The Whole Action

This Apeman trail camera has 16MP for photos and 1080P for video resolution. The great feature is a 10-minute video length which allows you to watch the whole action in your house or yard. No matter if the action happens in the dark because the human eye isn’t capable to notice its light. That allows no glow effect which is desirable for security.

Wet Weather Durability

When the camera notices a motion, it captures 1-3 shots with 0,5s trigger speed, so it’s useful for recording fast and quick actions in your house or yard. You can leave the camera outside because it’s waterproof. This camera has the quality and low price, so it’s worth to buy.

APEMAN Trail Camera 12MP 1080P 2.4 LCD Game&Hunting Camera with 940nm review

Photo Informations Stamped

The good thing is to know what time stealing or something happened in your home. This information you can check watching the photos. On the bottom part of each photo, there’s data stamp of date, time, temperature and moon phase and pressure.

Missing Equipment In Package

When you’re buying this Apeman security trail camera, it’s advisable to purchase the batteries, too. The camera doesn’t include them and you need 8 1,5 AA batteries. Before using, make sure you’d purchased an SD card because the package misses it, too.


  • low price
  • high-quality resolution

Conclusion: Which Are The Best Trail Cameras For Security?

To conclude, these 5 best trail cameras for security models are user-friendy, so all are worth to buy. If you need a camera that can send you the photos on your phone immediately, this CreativeXP 3G cellular trail camera is for you. If you don’t need network connectivity but a profitable camera, I recommend this Apeman trail camera. It offers high quality for a low price.

If you want to see the offer of the trail cameras which send pictures to your phone, you can check this post about the best cellular trail camera. If you need a camera for outdoor, this post about the best action camera for hunting would be for you. Or if you want to see which are the best-rated trail camera models for sale, you can click on this post.