Best 5 Night Vision Game Trail Camera To Get In 2021 Reviews

Do you use a trail camera at night, but you’re not satisfied with the photo quality?

Then you need a night vision game camera, which will show you clearly each animal in the wood.

Is that what you need?

Keep reading and learn about the best night vision game camera models I reviewed and choose the one for you.


Information About Night Vision Game Camera

What Is A Night Vision Trail Camera?

The night vision trail camera is the type of camera that stands out with its high-quality night vision. The photos are clear at night as well as by day. The night flashlight of the camera enables you to recognize everything and everyone on the night photos or videos.

Night Vision Trail Camera For Security

If you need a night vision trail cam, you probably need it for security. Most of the stealing happens at night when we get asleep, so a night vision trail camera can solve a problem with thieves. It will record their movements and you will see clearly their faces. Because of its no visible flashlight, they won’t notice the camera, so you can be sure you can catch them.

Night Vision Hunting Camera

The other purpose of the night vision trail camera is for hunting. The hunters noticed some animals like deers are more active at night than during the day. So they need a trail camera to oversee animal movements. That helps them to plan hunting visit.

Night Vision Camera For Ghost Hunting

There is a type of night vision game camera with the technology which offers people to see things human vision is not capable to see. This camera is known as a ghost hunting camera because full-spectrum technology can record paranormal appearance. This camera is for those who want to catch a ghost at night.

How Much Does It Cost?

The night vision game cameras aren’t much expensive for their quality. Depending on their features and opportunities they offer, you can purchase the cameras of about 40, 50 or 60 dollars. You can find cameras over a hundred dollars, too, but this price is, in general, for ghost hunting cameras.

Best 5 Night Vision Game Camera Reviews

Best Full Spectrum Night Vision Camera For Ghost Hunting

Ancter Full Spectrum Infrared Camcorder

Digital Camera Design

This camera looks like a digital camera. It has a big lens, long “body” which you can hold with your hand and you can watch on the screen what you’re recording. The screen can rotate 270°. You can also set the camera on the tripod or any place where it’s stable.

Ancter Full Spectrum Infrared Camcorder

Ghost-detecting Night Vision

The main characteristic of this camera is its full spectrum technology which provides you to see better than your eye. That means the camera night vision can record invisible appearances, so some people use it for ghost detection. Besides that, the camera is good for the usual night shooting because of its high-quality resolution and the infrared flashlight which you can upgrade separately at the bottom part of the camera.

Professional Look Of Videos

This camera has a 30x zoom and you can zoom during recording a video. There are many video resolution you can choose and the highest is 2880x2160P. The best photo resolution can be 24MP. The camera is very stable because of its anti-shake feature, so your videos will seem less amateur. The camera has face detection, too.

Ancter Full Spectrum Infrared Camcorder review

Compressing Files And More Memory

In the camera package, you will get the batteries that you can charge. They are durable because the camera hasn’t built-in flashlight and this way it saves battery life. You will also get 32 GB SD cards which should be enough for usage because the camera compresses images in order to make more memory space.

Wireless Connection Using Mobile App

This ghost adventure night vision camera has a wireless feature, which means you can connect the camera with your mobile phone. This way you can collect the photos on your mobile phone and watch them. For this,  you will need an appropriate mobile app. Considering all these good features, the high price of this camera is normal.


Best Night Vision Camera For Wildlife

Victure Wildlife Camera 1080p 12mp

Human Palm Size

This trail camera has a neutral-colored design. The lens is in the middle of the device. The screen and the operation buttons you can find inside the camera. On the other side, there is a place for batteries. The camera size is practical because the average human hand can hold it.

Victure Wildlife Trail Camera

Black And White Night Pictures

With this night vision hunting camera, you can do shootings and record video. The photo quality is 12MP, which is a very good resolution for wildlife purpose and the video has HD 1080P resolution. At night pictures are black and white but high-quality which means that you can see animals in detail.

Fast And Far Away Animal Detection

The camera is invisible to animals during the night thanks to IR technology. This Victure trail camera uses 940nm black LEDs that don’t glow and are safe for animals. They can be the most 10 m far away from the camera and the motion detection sensors will recognize them and capture. No matter how fast an animal is because the camera has a very fast 0,5s trigger speed.

Victure Wildlife Trail Camera review

Appropriate For Wet Place

The camera is appropriate for wildlife because its surface is waterproof and dust-proof. So it can handle rain forests as well as dry climate. If the camera will stand in the water for some time, there won’t be a lot of damage. So you don’t have to worry if you set it in the wet place on the low level.

Useful Options Of The Camera

The camera doesn’t include the battery, so you will have to purchase 6 AA batteries and also an SD card of a maximum of 32 GB. This camera has an alarm that will send you a message when the battery is low. The camera has more important options like password protection, timer and time/data/temperature data stamp.


  • good quality night vision
  • black and white night photos
  • waterproof and designed against flood
  • 10-meter detection range
  • 12MP resolution

Best Motion Activated Night Vision Camera Wildlife

Akaso Tc04 Trail Camera

The Vivid Screen View

This trail camera has camouflage and water-resistant texture. Under the cover, there is a 2,4-inch screen which provides you to watch immediately photos the camera took. The pictures on the screen are the high quality, so you will see the same as on the computer or another device.

Akaso Tc04 Trail Camera

Wide And Long Detection Range

This night vision hunting camera provides you wide-angle view thanks to its 120-degree lens. Not only the camera will detect a movement under the 120°agle range, but it will capture a photo every time animals or another moving object appears on the distance of about 20 meters (65 ft). The trigger speed is 0,4s.

Recording Sound Of The Wild

The trail camera has 42 LEDs that offer good quality night vision although the night photos are not colored. The daytime pictures are vivid and of 14MP resolution. The video quality is 1080P and there’s a sound recording option for a video.

Akaso Tc04 Trail Camera review

What’s In The Box? 

In the package with this Akaso trail camera, you will receive USB cable for transferring photos on the computer. There will also be a mounting belt, metal brackets, and screws for camera installation. If you don’t know how to set the camera up you can read the instruction manual included in the package.

How To Charge The Camera? 

The camera needs 8 pieces of 1,5 AA batteries which you can change, there’s also a possibility to charge the camera with external DC 6V power supply. There’s an appropriate slot on the camera for external charging. The SD card can be max. 32 GB large, but it’s not included.


  • good quality screen
  • 120-degree wide view
  • 20-meters detection range

Best Night Vision Camera Trap

Apeman Camera Trap Night Vision

Blend-in Look Idea for Trap

This Apeman camera has a design that blends in the natural environment. So this camera is ideal for trapping. You can open its cover and watch photos on the screen which is placed in the middle of the camera. Around the screen, there are operation buttons that are easy to use.

Apeman H55 Wildlife Trail Camera

Less Noticeable Light

The photo resolution is of impressive quality. The camera captures 20MP photos. The video quality of 1080P is very good, too. When the camera shoots at night, pictures are clear and black and white, like most of trail camera night vision. The camera use no glow flashlight, you can trap animals easily.

Detection Range Good For Trapping

The motion detection range of this Apeman camera is the same as the previous model range, so it’s 65 ft or about 20 meters. This distance is quite enough to oversee trapping object. The running animals will be captured well because of 0,3 trigger speed.

Apeman H55 Wildlife Trail Camera review

Data Stamp Can Help You

On the camera, you can set the mode for a date, time, temperature and moon phase stamp, so you can study when animals arrive. Although the camera is less noticeable, you can be sure it’s protected and set the password which only you will know.

Batteries Or External Charging? 

The batteries aren’t included. The customer’s rate for battery life is positive, so the camera shouldn’t spend the batteries a lot. There’s also a slot for external charging, so you can charge this way when your camera is at home. For outdoor usage, the batteries will be satisfying.


  • 65 ft distance
  • 0,3 trigger speed

Best Deer Hunting Camera Night Vision

Stealth Cam G45NGMAX Game Camera

Blends In With A Tree

The wood imitating texture makes this camera less noticeable in the wood, so you can be sure deers will ignore it. If you want to set different modes, you can open a little cover in the middle of the camera. There are screen and operation buttons.

Stealth Cam G45NGMAX Game Camera

Impressive Photo Resolution

This camera has an impressive photo resolution of 26MP, what’s even more than the Apeman model I reviewed above. The video quality is 1080P and you can record video in 5-second to 3-minute length. This is long enough for a trail camera.

Motion Detection Activated Any Time

The night photos are black and white. You don’t have to set any night mode. The camera recognizes day and night and adjusts the photo modes. So the motion detection will be activated automatically no matter what time is. The trail camera uses the black flash, so it has always the blend-in design.

Stealth Cam G45NGMAX Game Camera review

Blur Prevention Option

The photo has a 0,4s trigger which provides you to see fast movement. Besides, the camera has an option that prevents photos from blurring. So this camera promises you quality movement photos. The range of the area the camera sensors will identify running animals is 100 ft, what’s larger than all previous night vision trail camera models I reviewed.


Conclusion: Which Night Vision Game Camera To Choose?

If you still don’t have an idea which night vision trail camera to choose, I recommend the last one, Stealth G45NGMAX Game Camera, because of its high-quality photo resolution and large motion detection range. If you want to experience something different like a ghost hunting camera, this Ancter night vision game camera is the best choice, but it could be too expensive.

You can also see which best trail camera you can find on the market. If the night vision hunting camera was interesting for you because of your hunting needs, you should read more about it in this best hunting camera post. Or if you want to see what happens in the wood on your smartphone, see which best wireless game camera you can buy.