Best 5 Bow & Crossbow Hunting Video Cameras In 2021 Reviews

Do you need a bow hunting camera that will fit your crossbow or compound bow?

Then read this post and find out all the information about bow hunting video cameras and see 5 reviews of the best action camera for bow hunting. You can read their specifications and decide which bow hunting camera would be for you.


Information About Bow Hunting Video Cameras

What Is A Bow Hunting Camera?

The bow hunting camera is the kind of trail camera that people use for bow hunting. Unlike the usual trail camera which can capture using motion detection, the bow hunting camera hasn’t an auto-recording option, but the human hand has to manage it.

How You Can Use Bow Hunting Camera?

This kind of camera is suitable for most of the crossbows or compound bows. It’s a small-sized camera which you can mount on your bow. You can put it near your bow riser and it can help you to target better and record your bow hunting experience at the same time.

Where You Can Use It?

As I’ve said, you can set the bow hunting camera on your bow and use it for your hunting needs in the wood. This camera can be useful both for professional hunters and bowhunting enthusiasts.  Depending on your needs, you can choose between bow hunting cameras of different prices and different features.

How To Mount A Bow Hunting Camera?

For mounting this camera on your bow, there are appropriate mounting bolt and other equipment. These accessories you will get in the box with the camera. Mounting bolts are usually flexible, so every camera should suit your bow. If you will have a problem with mounting, you can lead the Instruction guide steps.

Is This Camera Expensive?

You will find most of the bow hunting cameras for the price above 100 dollars. Cheaper cameras are rare, but they’re usually low quality. If you want to have a good bow hunting camera which will last for many years, you have to invest a little more money than for the average trail camera.

Best 5 Bow Hunting Video Cameras Reviews

Best Camera For Crossbow

Tactacam 5.0 Bow Camera

Practical Size For Mounting

This Tactacam for crossbow camera is a small roller-shape model with the lens on the one side and two buttons in the middle of the camera body. You can mount it on your bow easily using equipment that is included in the package. The best place to keep this camera is a bag that is also included and which protects this little camera from the crack.

TACTACAM 5.0 Hunting Action Camera

Precise Target With Zoom Option

This Tactacam bow camera can capture quality video thanks to its 4K resolution, which is one of the most video resolutions of bow hunting cameras. The camera has a 4x zoom option which is important especially for professional hunters when target.

Without Unclear Video View 

Except for the zoom option, this camera has an image stabilization option. So it’s ideal for hunters who have to concentrate on shooting and because of this, they don’t take care of the quality of the video they’re recording. There might be too much hand moving and video could seem fuzzy, so photo stabilization allows them to relax during hunting.

TACTACAM 5.0 Hunting Action Camera review

Battery Life Saving Mode

The camera includes the battery and its charger cable, so you don’t have to purchase it. The camera saves battery life on the way it has an auto-turn-off mode and the camera will switch off if you don’t use it for 3 minutes. There are more useful modes for the camera such as time-lapse and time and date data.

Protection Accessories For Camera

Except for Tactacam crossbow mount equipment you will also get lens protection cloth which will prevent it from scratches. It’s important to keep lens out of damage. You will also get a USB cable and charging adapter and flat stabilizer. You can install a mobile app for free to watch and store your videos on your smartphone.


  • ultra-high video resolution
  • batteries included
  • image stabilization

Best Compound Bow Camera

iON Camocam Realtree Camera

Suits Your Hunting Bow And Clothes

This compound bow camera has a camouflage design, so it’s suitable for your hunting bow and hunting clothes. Its mounting ring comes in the same color and that makes it less visible. It’s simple to use because it has a couple of buttons for the switch on/off and start and stop recording.

iON CamoCam Realtree Camera

Pictures Available On Your Smartphone

This camera can record videos and shoot pictures of 14MP resolution. You can choose between the video resolution of high 1080P or low 720P. Both resolutions are good, but the higher one will give you a clearer photo. The photos and videos which you record with the camera you can receive on your mobile phone. You have to download the app which will connect the camera with your smartphone or tablet.

Ultra Waterproof Material

The great feature of this camera is its ultra waterproof material. You can carry this camera in the water on the 32 ft depth. If you put the camera on your bow this information isn’t so important for you. But if you want to use it when you’re not hunting, this characteristic can be useful for you.

iON CamoCam Realtree Camera review

Protected From Bow Recoil

This bow hunting camera is resistant to corrosion, so you can carry it outside and no matter if you leave it in the wood. If the camera falls down, it’s shockproof, so no damage can happen. Shock resistance protects the camera from bow recoils, too.


  • waterproof
  • shockproof
  • photo and video modes

Best Wireless Bow Hunting Camera

Tactacam Solo Wifi Bow Camera

Black Color With Green Button

Here is one more Tactacam model which has the same design as the previous one I reviewed, but it has just one button in the middle of the camera. It comes in black color with green buttons. So this is a neutral design that allows the camera to blend in nature and suit any bow.

TACTACAM Solo WiFi Hunting Action Camera

Tactacam Mobile App Settings

The main advantage of this Tactacam for crossbow camera is a connection with the mobile phone The Tactacam free app offers you not only to watch photos and videos but also to share it on social media or send to your friends.

Turn On/Off Without Touching Camera

You can completely manage the camera using a mobile app. For example, you can turn on and turn off the camera with your phone, so you don’t have to touch the camera on your bow and worry if you accidentally change the camera position.

TACTACAM Solo WiFi Hunting Action Camera review

No Matter About Rain

This Tactacam bow camera has a 3x zoom option which is less than the Tactacam model I reviewed above. But it’s still enough to see clearly the object on about 20-meter distance. No worry if it’s raining because the camera has a waterproof design and it won’t turn off in the middle of the video recording.

Mounting Equipment Included

In the package with the camera, there are also the battery, USB cable, wall adapter and mount equipment such as stabilizer, custom bow mount, and under scope rail mount. You will get an instruction manual book which will help you to mount the camera if you’re doing it for the first time.


  • wi-fi connection
  • turn on/off option on the mobile phone
  • 3x zoom option
  • all needed equipment included
  • waterproof

Best Cheap Bow Hunting Camera

GoPro Hero4 Session Bow Camera

Practical Small Dimensions 

This GoPro for bow hunting camera has a different shape than other cameras I’ve reviewed in this post. This is a black color cube-shaped camera with small dimensions, smaller than human palm. It’s practical because it doesn’t take a lot of place on your bow and it’s easy to carry.

GoPro Hero4 Session Bow Camera

Appropriate For Different Climate

Just like the iOn bow hunting camera, this model is also ultra water-resistant, which means you can dive with it on the depth of 33 ft. Not only rain resistant, but this camera can handle snow and fog, so it’s appropriate for most climate conditions.

Simple To Record And Capture

You can record the videos and capture photos simply pressing just one button on the camera. You can choose if you need 720x100P, 1440x30P or the highest 1080x60P video resolution. The photo resolution isn’t so good like video, the pictures have 8MP. Your photos and videos you can watch on your smartphone via wi-fi connection with the camera.

GoPro Hero4 Session Bow Camera review

One Button For All Options

You can manage the camera easily because it requires only one button. Pressing it you can turn on the camera and record a video or switch on auto-recording photo mode. If you want to stop recording, you have to push the same button. That’s the end of the video and the camera is switched off at the same time.

The Batteries Life Up To 2 Hours

The camera includes the batteries which are rechargeable using a USB cable or wall charger. In case the battery is full the camera can work up to 2 hours. In the box with the camera, there are also GoPro crossbow mount accessories.


  • GoPro crossbow mount included
  • many video resolutions
  • waterproof

Best Wildlife Bow Hunting Camera

Spypoint Xcel Action Camera

More Than One Button

This camera is green and has a similar shape to the GoPro camera for bow hunting. It has the lens in the front side and more operation buttons for turn on/off, start and stop recording two more buttons with up and down pointer. Before using, you should read instructions to find out how to handle the camera appropriately.

Spypoint Xcel Action Camera

The Video With Speaker

This camera can capture all objects which are in the 140-degree area. The photo quality is 12MP and the video has 1080P resolution. While recording the video, you can also record a sound. There are many more options for photo and video like time-lapse mode and photo burst.

More Than 32GB SD Card Storage

You can store all your recordings on the SD card which isn’t included. You can insert the SD card which you have to buy separately and its size should be up to 64GB, what’s double more space than on 32GB SD card. The batteries are in the camera and you can charge them using 110V wall charger included in the package.

Spypoint Xcel Action Camera review

Long-Distance Connection With Phone

You can connect the camera and your mobile phone via the mobile app and using a wi-fi connection. The distance between your mobile and the camera can the most 200 ft. That isn’t so important during hunting, but it can be useful for watching the photos when you’re on the way and for showing it to your friends.

The Full Package

Except for the batteries and charger, in the package, you will also get bow mount, USB cable, strap, scope mount, release stand, and lens cloth for cleaning and protection. There is also a waterproof box to protect the camera from water, although it can work during cold weather.


  • 140°wide angle
  • good quality of photos and videos
  • 64GB SD card

Conclusion: What Bow Hunting Camera To Choose?

If you’re still in doubt about which is the best action camera for bow hunting you can purchase, I recommend this Tactacam 5.0. bow hunting camera or this GoPro Hero4 bow hunting camera. The first model is the best for hunting because of its 8xzoom option which can help you to target. The video quality is also good, so you won’t get wrong with buying it. The second model has less quality resolution, but it has a practical size and it’s ultra waterproof, so you can carry it on your bow all the time.

If you need a camera for hunting but not this kind of camera, you can read this post about hunting game cameras. if you like to watch photos on your mobile, check this post about the game camera that sends pictures to your phone here. Or if you want to find out which are the best trail camera models, you can check this post.