Best 4 Tasco Game Trail Camera On The Market In 2021 Reviews

Are you thinking of spending more time hunting and buying the best Tasco trail camera for your personalized needs?

I really hope my article will help you figure that out with our Tasco trail cameras reviews!

I will introduce 4 of the best Tasco game cameras on the market at this moment. I will write about their main specifications and extra equipment. You will be able to see for yourself which Tasco cameras are the best pick for you.


Information About Tasco Manufacturer

History Of The Tasco Company

Tasco is a brand known for producing and selling telescopes, as well as other high-quality optical products. George Rosenfield is the founder of the company. It was founded in 1954 under the name Tanross Supply Company. They started as a hardware and fishing tackle manufacturer. They shifted to Tasco as the company shifted towards supplying binoculars and eyepieces. Today, the company sells telescopes and other optics (spotting scopes, binoculars, rifle sights, accessories) at an affordable price. They have also designed a basic trail camera that is specifically imagined for hunters.

Where To Buy Tasco Products?

You can find them in different stores, but I don’t know which ones. But, what I do know is that they can be found in online stores such as Amazon. There you can even get them for a smaller price thanks to many different discounts Amazon provides to their customers.

Tasco Return Policy And Warranty

If a customer has a product that requires repairing or service, they will have to check the manufacturing date of that certain product. It is possible that the products produced before the year 2002 do not contain manufacturing code for the year. Customers will have to contact different services depending on that code. All the instructions are available on the official website. There are also different types of warranties for different products, which are also available online on the Tasco official website.

Top 4 Tasco Trail Camera Reviews

Tasco 10MP Trail Camera

Image Resolution And Trigger Speed

This Tasco 10MP trail camera provides its users with crystal clear pictures at 10 Megapixels. It also can record 720P videos.  There is a feature on this Tasco low glow trail camera that provides time and date stamp on the images taken. Tasco 10MP game camera has 1-second trigger speed, with 50 feet or around 15 meters flash range, without any delay, even at night.

Tasco 10MP Camo Game Trail Camera with 50' Flash Range

Simple Design AndExtra Features

This Tasco 119272CW model has an attractive Mossy Oak color design, and it is a quick hunting camera that should be very easy to set up. Tasco 10MP game camera functions on 8 “AA” batteries and on an SD Card up to 32 GB (both not included in the purchased package). It should provide up to 6 months of battery life. Tasco model 119272CW can function both as a hunting camera, and security camera for customer’s property.

Tasco 10MP Camo Game Trail Camera with 50' Flash Range review


  • 10MP clear images
  • 720P video resolution
  • 50 feet Flash range
  • 1-second trigger speed
  • 6 months of battery life
  • Easy set-up

Tasco Trail Camera 8MPLow Glow

Image/Video Quality And Helpful Features

Tasco 8MP tan game camera features 10 Megapixels image. Daytime photos are vividly colored and clear when the animals are not moving, while when they are moving, the photos can turn out a little bit blurry. The 8MP game cam offers a low glow feature for user’s convenience. The Tasco model 119271CW offers single and multiple photo burst mode.

Tasco 8 MP Megapixel Tan Game Trail Camera

Trigger Speed And Night Vision Distance

If you shoot during the night, you will get black and white photographs with this Tasco trail camera 8MP, which will be dimly lit by the IR flash. Tasco 8MP trail cam illuminates up to 25 feet (7.5 meters) during the night and has a 50 feet (15 meters) flash range during the daytime. Trigger speed is impressive, but it is not always the most reliable. Tasco trail camera 119271CW has a low glow night vision.

Tasco 8 MP Megapixel Tan Game Trail Camera review

Design And Equipment

The slim size and lightweight of Tasco 119271CW make it simple to set up and install in a variety of different locations. The design and color make it easy for the Tasco 8MP trail cam to blend in with trees. Tasco 8MP low glow trail camera works on “AA” batteries and it is compatible with most standard SD cards. Both of those are sold separately. In the package with your Tasco trail camera 8MP, you will receive a thin brown strap and plastic buckle.


Tasco 6MPTrail Camera

6MP Photo Resolution

You can expect high quality and 6 Megapixels resolution shots with this Tasco 6MP game camera. It will provide crystal clear and detailed images, as well as video clips. The pictures can be in color in the daytime, and black and white in the dark.It can be used for capturing wildlife, as well as for monitoring land and property.

Tasco 6 MP Megapixel Tan Game Trail Camera

Trigger Speed And Distance Specification

The Tasco trail camera model 119270CW has a detection range of 50 feet (around 15 meters) and a detection angle of 47 degrees. The Tasco 6MP deer camera is triggered by movement. That movement is detected by very sensitive PIR (passive Infrared) motion sensors. The 6MP hunting camera also uses low glow technology so the flash is not detected and it does not scare the wildlife.

Tasco 6 MP Megapixel Tan Game Trail Camera review

Design And Camera Durability

Tasco 6MP model with an 8-piece set of AA batteries can have a standby time of 6 months. It uses only standard SD cards, but one is not included in a package. Tasco trail camera model 119270CW is tan in color so it will not be noticeable in nature. There is a feature of Date and Timestamp and Camera ID. 6MP Tasco trail camera has also burst mode and time-lapse mode.


  • 6MP image resolution
  • 1s trigger speed
  • 50ft distance range
  • 47 degrees detection angle
  • 3 capture modes
  • Tan color

Tasco 3MP Trail Camera

Image/Video Quality + Helpful Features

This Tasco 3 Megapixel trail camera provides full color1.3 Megapixels and 3 Megapixels high photograph resolution, and there is also video mode. You can film short video clips, 15 seconds long, during both day and night. They will be in AVI format. With an easy and simple set-up, the Tasco 3MP trail camera can work 24h a day.

TASCO 3 MP Trail Camera

Detection RangeAndXenon Night Vision

Tasco trail camera model 119203C will not miss any important moment with its 1.6 seconds trigger time. This model has an oversize flash for an increased range. PIR senses motion up to 45 feet(around 14 meters), ensuring a large area is covered. This 6MP deer camera comes with Xenon flash for photography during the night.

TASCO 3 MP Trail Camera review

Design And Equipment

Dust and water won’t be a problem for the Tasco 6MP model because it is waterproof and rugged. It comes in black color. To function this Tasco game camera requires 4 C-cell batteries and a removable SD card up to 2 GB. Both of those things are not included in the purchased package. The batteries will provide a battery life of around 90 days. The customers will get an additional security strap which will help them with the security of their new Tasco camera.


  • 3MP / 3MP photo resolution
  • AVI video resolution
  • 6s trigger speed
  • Xenon flash
  • 4 C-cell batteries

TascoTrailCameras Manual And Instructions

Tascohunting camera manual is included with every product because it is not a simple product to use. There you can read how to set up the camera, how to use it and how to clean it. Read it carefully before use. To find and read Tasco trail cams manuals right now, simply click on the model below:

Conclusion: Which Tasco Trail Camera Should You Choose?

The first Tasco game camera, the Tasco10MP game cam, has the best photo resolution of 10 Megapixels and 720P video resolution. The last Tasco trail cam, the Tasco 3MP game camera, despite its lower Megapixels, offers Xenon flash for nighttime photography. All Tasco hunting cameras are very affordable and useable for more than just hunting.

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