Best Exodus Game Trail Cameras You Can Find In 2021 Reviews

Are hunting and recording wildlife your passion? Do you want to find the game camera that will capture every exciting detail?

Then we recommend studying this article because you can gather a lot of information from our Exodus trail cameras review!

I will introduce one of the best Exodus game cameras these days. You can learn about Exodus trail cameras and their significant features, quality, and details. Afterward, you will be capable to decide for yourself if they satisfy your needs.


Information About ExodusCompany

The Exodus Advantage

The Exodus team has watched the progress of trail cameras on the market for the last 20 years. After the trail cameras became one of the staple parts of every hunter’s gear, they realized some of the main problems in trying to find the perfect match. They decided to produce a solution that differed from the norm on the market. The Exodus mission is to engineer cameras and lead a company in a way that will suit their and their most loyal customer’s values and expectations.

Exodus Reliability And Value

When they noticed that most manufacturers do not care about the longevity of the trail cameras they are selling, they came up with an idea to provide every one of their cameras with a 5-year warranty. Also, they make sure that the design and quality of every camera are meeting the highest possible standards. With their business model, they have become able to put more resources into the cost of the actual camera so that it could be the best for their customers while retaining the accessible price point.

Exodus Customer Service

At Exodus, they value their customers the most. So they listen and care about everything the customers have to say. Also, they are providing the best possible customer service, without holding on the phone. Customers can text or call the customer service Monday to Friday for any kind of support, answers, or help. They also care about the sold products, so they came up with theft and damage replacement.

Exodus Warranty Information

All Exodus trail cameras, even though built to last, are covered by a 5-year warranty from the original date of purchase. In addition to that, all of them are covered by a 5-year theft and accidental damage warranty. If something happens to the purchased camera due to manufacturing, Exodus will repair or replace the product with the same model (or another of customer’s choice if the original one is not available). To be able to use those advantages, the customer has to register their camera within 30 days of purchase.

Where To Buy Exodus Products

The company sells their products only online, through its official website and other online stores, such as Amazon, where you can find a large number of customer reviews. You should be aware of the fact that other sellers can have a different warranty and return policy.

Exodus Additional Camera Offer

Along with the camera model presented further in this article as Exodus trail camera review, the Exodus company has an even wider offer of Exodus cellular trail cameras. For example, there is the Exodus Trek Trail camera. Also, you can find the Exodus Render 4G / LTE Cellular Trail Camera.

Top ExodusTrail Camera Reviews

The Exodus Lift II Trail Camera

Exodus Improvements And Innovations

The second generation of the Exodus Lift trail camera is the perfect balance between everything that worked with the first generation Exodus Lift trail camera and the performance and design improvements. This Exodus game camera is very user-friendly and that is visible in its features. There is a very responsive and brighter 2-inch view screen which will make it very easy for users to navigate through menus. Also, reviewing images is very simple and practical. New Exodus Escape Camouflage design will successfully hide this camera everywhere.

Exodus Lift II Trail Camera

High-Quality Images And Battery Life

Top-quality photographs and videos, both during day and night, will be attained with multiple resolutions. Photo resolutions go from 3 to 12 Megapixels, while videos will have 1080P with HD sound. Its users can expect more than 25 thousand images with 8 AA lithium batteries. Along with longer battery life (20 percent increase), this Exodus Lift II trail camera can use an SD Card up to 64 GB. Batteries and SD Card are not sold with the camera.

Exodus Lift II Trail Camera review

Camera Features And Settings

The new, improved detection circuit is exceptional. Trigger speed is 0.3 seconds, and the photo and video recovery time is incredibly fast – only 1.5 seconds. The detection distance of an adjustable PIR sensor goes up to 70 feet or 21 meters. The No-glow Flash range goes up to 60 feet or 18 meters. This Exodus Lift II trail camera has an upgraded CMOS sensor with an advanced color optimization. Also, the Lift II Exodus is cable lockable and password protected.


  • Improved usability and design
  • 25,000+ images battery life
  • 12MP photo resolution
  • 1080p video resolution
  • 3s trigger speed
  • 5s recovery time
  • Password protected

Conclusion: Are Exodus Trail Cameras Good Enough For You?

The Exodus Lift II trail camera is the best Exodus game camera considering all improved features and over-all performance in comparison with its price and other prices on the market. It is extremely user-friendly, but it will provide top quality, from high-quality photography to long-lasting usability. Every component and application was considered while engineering this Exodus trail camera.

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