Best Enkeeo Game Trail Cameras To Buy In 2021 Reviews & Tips

Are you in search of the best trail camera for your wildlife hunting adventures?

Then you will enjoy reading this article about our Enkeeo game camera review!

I will write about the best Enkeeo trail camera on the market right now. You can read about its settings, modes, durability, and general quality, as well as the rest crucial details. After you read my review, you will be capable to compare it to other cameras on the market and choose which one is for you.


Information About Enkeeo Manufacturer

EnkeeoAsAn Outdoor Lifestyle Brand

Enkeeo is a company that has a wide variety of products for all kinds of outdoor activities, from camping, cycling, trekking, hiking, fishing, etc. They even have some fitness gear in their catalog. They are based in China and they are known for their prominent online presence.

Where And How To Buy Enkeeo Products

Considering their preferred online status, you can purchase their products only from their official website, or you can visit their official Amazon site for potential purchase. For all inquiries, you can contact them directly through their website. The only payment Enkeeo accept is through the Paypal payment system.

Enkeeo Shipping And Delivery Information

Enkeeo provides attentive packing and shipping methods considering the ordered product’s weight and size. They deliver to almost all countries in the world. Depending on where it is delivered, the company asks for patience for the processing time to ship the product, as well as delivery time from 7 to 10 business days.

Enkeeo Return And Warranty Policy

The company makes sure that all their products passed Quality Control inspection before they are shipped. That makes all their products detect-free. However, the buyer can still return or exchange their product if they are not satisfied. Enkeeo offers a 30-day free return policy. For a full refund, the returned item should be new and unopened with all original materials included. If the reason for a refund is the manufacturer’s error, they will refund the full cost and shipping charges. If you are returning a product for personal reasons, shipping and handling fees will be omitted from your refund. The company also offers a 1-year warranty. You should contact the customer service support team for more information.

Top Enkeeo Trail Camera

ENKEEO PH730s Trail Camera

High Definition Video And Camera Settings

PH730s trail camera has an exquisite, high-quality 12 MP camera with full and clear color resolution. The videos it records are in high definition with 1920x1080p resolution. It also simultaneously records sharp audios. It comes with an option to rewind the pictures and videos. The user can also look at recorded files whenever on a small built-in screen with 16 MP color.

ENKEEO PH730S Trail Camera 1080P 12MP HD Wildlife Game

Reliable Range And Night Vision Settings

This trail camera provides fast 0.2-0.6 seconds trigger speed and a 120-degree detection angle which will ensure a wide area covered at high speed. The wildlife will not be alarmed with night vision settings, i.e. with low glow Infrared LEDs. The range of night vision is pretty long with up to 20 meters (65 feet) distance for both photographs and videos.

Great Performance And User-Friendly Features

This game trail camera guarantees up to 8 months of standby time. It operates on 8 AA batteries which do not come with the product. You can add up to 32 GB of external storage, but it is also not included in your purchased package. Your camera will be protected from all kinds of weather and environment conditions (rain, dust, corrosion, sand, etc.) because it is IP54 waterproof certified. It is user-friendly and easy to assemble and use.

ENKEEO PH730S Trail Camera 1080P 12MP HD Wildlife Game review

Personalize Your Modes And Settings

The camera offers different modes like the photo, video, and hybrid mode for recording both pictures and videos simultaneously. Selecting a specific mode can help to save memory and camera battery. There is also a time-lapse setting, as well as motion detection. You can also set up different time intervals to capture your files.


  • 12MP pictures, HD videos
  • 3 different modes
  • 42pcs, 850nm black low glow IR flash
  • 2-0.6s trigger speed
  • Internal LCD display
  • 120° motion detection sensor

Enkeeo Trail Cameras Manual And Instructions

Every Enkeeo trail camera is shipped with an Enkeeo trail camera manual to help its users. Based on the information online, with every trail camera, you will get pretty much the same, general user manual. However, the manual for EnkeeoPH730strail camera is not available online at the moment.

Conclusion: Are Enkeeo Trail Cameras Good Enough For You?

The EnkeeoPH730s game trail camera is the best trail camera for anyone interested in capturing wildlife and outdoor activities, or just generally concerned about the security of their premises. It is very user-friendly and you can use it directly from the package, but it does not come with batteries or external storage. You can personalize your experience with a variety of different modes and options this camera offers.

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