Best 5 Hunting Game Trail Camera You Can Find In 2021 Review

Are you interested in hunting cameras?

Would you like to buy the best model for you, but the decision is hard?

Then read this post and you will find out all that’s important to know about a hunting trail camera. You can also read 5 reviews of the best camera for hunting which might make your decision easier.


What You Should Know About Hunting Cameras?

What Are Hunting Cameras?

Hunting cameras are a name for the trail cameras which are especially useful in hunting. There are two types of cameras for hunting. The first group includes the cameras which you can use to target and to film at once. Another type of hunting camera means trail cameras that you can leave in the wood and they capture using motion detection.

How To Use Hunting Cameras?

If you want to film everything that you’re doing during your hunting adventure, you can mount a self filming camera on your gun or bow. On the other hand, if you want to oversee animals, you can mount a trail camera near them and the camera will capture detecting movements. This way you don’t have to wait for animals in the wild.

WhereTo Mount Hunting Cameras?

Hunting cameras usually come with mounting equipment in the package. It includes things such as brackets, straps or tripods. You can set the camera on the tree using a mounting strap as well as mount it on the tripod and place it in foliage. These cameras have camouflage design, so animals won’t notice where you mounted the camera.

How To Receive Photos To Phone?

To receive a photo on your smartphone at the moment the camera takes the photo, you have to buy wireless or cellular hunting cameras. The camera and phone are connected via a network and you can watch photos using the mobile app. In some cases, you will have to pay for the connection.

What Price Is Of Hunting Cameras?

The price of hunting cameras is like other trail cameras price. On webshops like Amazon, most of them are about or above 100 dollars, but you can also find cheaper models. You can check Amazon to see hunting camera specifications and pictures, too.

Best 5 Hunting Cameras On The Market

Best Camera For Self Filming Hunts

Tactacam 5.0 Hunting Action Camera

Pocket Size And Simple Design

This Tactacam model is a small round-shaped camera with two operation buttons. The simple design allows you to manage with the camera easily and carry it in your hand or pocket. You can set it in the wood, but you can also mount it on your gun or bow.

TACTACAM 5.0 Hunting Action Camera

Technology Against Fuzzy View

This self filming camera has a high resolution of 4K and 8x zoom options, which helps you in hunting a lot. The camera lens isn’t fisheye but it “see” like human vision. Moreover, it has a stabilization option that allows you to film and hunt at the same time without care of fuzzy video.

Live Streaming Option

For more options, you can install the mobile app. This way you can do live streaming during your hunting adventures, so you can share it with your friends. Besides, you can watch your videos on your smartphone and manage with the camera settings.

TACTACAM 5.0 Hunting Action Camera review

More Mobile App Options

Using the mobile app, you can start and stop filming and before that, you can choose the video quality. The highest is 4K, but you can also choose 2,7K or 1080P resolutions. The app allows you to watch your videos and you can set a slow-motion view, too. There are more options on the mobile app, such as formatting SD card and clearing memory.

Mounting On The Weapon

Before hunting, you can mount the camera on your shotgun or bow using appropriate equipment included in the package. You will also get a USB cable, wall adapter, battery and lens cloth and bag for protection from scratches and damages. The camera is waterproof, you can use the camera during all your hunting time, no matter what the weather is, so it’s the best camera for filming hunts.


  • 8x zoom
  • a few video resolutions
  • a lot of the mobile app options

Best Cellular Hunting Camera

Creative XP Hunting Camera

Hunting Colors Design

This Creative trail camera comes in green colors that are suitable for hunting because the camera blends in the wild environment and your hunting clothes. There’s an antenna that you can upgrade for connectivity with your phone.

Creative XP Hunting Camera

Price For 1500 Pictures

You can connect this Creative camera with your smart device using wifi or cellular network. For cellular connectivity, there’s data plan you will have to pay. For 1500 photos the price is 8 dollars. You will get the SIM card needed for connection which includes 500 free photos. You can download the mobile app both on Android and iPhone.

No Glow Effect

The view of the camera is 110°wide and clear thanks to 12MP quality photos and 1080P video. The trigger speed is 0,4s and the burst mode is on. Night vision is quality and 65 ft far. That allows 56 IR LEDs which don’t glow in the dark, so the camera is safe from stealing and doesn’t disturb animals.

Creative XP Hunting Camera review

Solar Powered And Waterproof

The camera works with 4-8 batteries which you can charge by solar panel, too. It’s not included, but Creative brand has it in their offer, so you can purchase it separately. Solar power is practical if you want to leave the camera in the wood for a long time. The camera is waterproof, so it can be in the wood all the time.

Mounting Strap Or Bracket? 

In the package with the camera, you will get mounting strap and bracket, so you can install the camera the way you want. If you want to mount it in the wild, you will have to use the strap and set the camera on the tree. In the box, there’s also USB cable and 32GB SD card.


  • 110°wide angle
  • mobile app for Android and iPhone
  • 32GB SD card included
  • solar powered

Best Hunting Hat Camera

Lidcam LC-WF Hands-Free Camera

Third Eye On the Cap

As its name says, this camera fits on your hat or cap, so it has a half-round shape. It has camouflage hunting colors, so it will be less noticeable on your hat in the wild. In the middle of the camera, there’s the lens, so when you carry it on your hat, it stands like your third eye.

Lidcam Lc-wf Action Camera

Wireless Network Connection

Lidcam camera is connected with the mobile phone using the mobile app. This way you can begin and finish filming videos, you can take photos or watch them. The mobile app is supported on Android and iPhone. You can connect this hunting hat camera with another device using a wireless network.

Long-lasting Battery

With the camera on your head, you can record 1080P quality videos. The camera is light, so you can carry it during all your hunting time. The battery will work up to 3 hours if you make videos all the time. In standby mode, it can last up for 8 hours.

Lidcam Lc-wf Action Camera review

Human Perspective

The lens has a wide view of 120°, so you can record almost all that you see. At night, the view is the same because it contains two LED lights placed on both sides of the camera. So with this hunting trail camera, you can record your night hunting, too.

Car Charger Included

In the box with this one of the best hunting cameras, you will get the wall charger and car charger for a case the battery gets empty during hunting time. You can find lithium batteries in the package as well as USB cable for transferring files on the computer. To store the photos you have to purchase a micro SD card, the less size is 16GB.


  • 120°range view
  • 3-8 hours battery life
  • wifi connection

Best Night Vision Hunting Camera

Primos Low Glow Hunting Camera

Blend-in Color

This Primos hunting camera is completely green. This wood-suitable color makes the camera less visible for other hunters and for animals. In the middle of the device, there’s the lens, so the camera can offer you a wide-range area view.

Primos 12MP Low Glow Proof Camm

Photo Resolution Better Than Video

You can use the camera if you want good photos of 12MP or less quality video of 720P. The video has a sound recording feature, so it can replace less quality resolution. You can choose the time-lapse mode. The trigger speed is 0,7seconds.

Long Night Range

To recording at night, the camera uses low glow LEDs, which means the flashlight has less brightness. So there are fewer possibilities animals will notice the camera at night and get scared. You will see what happens at a long-distance range because the flash can lighten up the area of the most 80 ft.

Primos 12MP Low Glow Proof Cam review

1-Year-Lasting Camera

The camera requires 8AA batteries which can last for about 1-year. The customer experience confirms the battery has a long life. The SD card is also needed, there’s no recommended limit of its size, but an average memory card has 32GB. To transfer the memory on the computer, you can directly insert the SD card in the slot.


  • 12MP resolution
  • 80 ft night light

Best Hunting Camera Motion Activated

Campark Trail Hunting Camera

Camouflage Texture

The Campart trail camera for hunting has camouflage pattern outside and waterproof material. So it’s durable in the wood air and less noticeable. The lens which is places in the middle of the camera produces wide view photos and videos.

Campark Trail Camera-Waterproof 14MP 1080P Game

Dark Photos Quality

The lens gives 12MP quality photos and 1080P videos. This is high resolution for trail camera, so you can be sure you will see the animals in detail. The night photos are black and white, but still good quality. That allow 42 IR LEDs included in the camera. These infrared light is less visible in the dark.

In Front Of And Around The Camera  

The camera includes 3 PIR sensors which detect motion and with 0,3s trigger speed, the camera captures fast or slow running animals. The maximum distance area where the sensors will identify the movements is about 65 ft. Not only the camera detects in front of it but also around it. The lens can notice 120°wide angle range.

Campark Trail Camera-Waterproof 14MP 1080P Game review

Micro SD Card Needed

This trail camera supports an micro SD card of the maximum 32 GB size. Before using, the good thing to do is to format SD card to prevent damages. The memory card and the battery aren’t included in the package. The camera requires 8 AA batteries.

The Camera Package

If you buy this Campark trail camera, you will buy whole package of useful accessories, too. In the box there’s mounting strap and screws to mount the camera in the wood. If you don’t find it saisfying, you can buy a lightweight hunting tripod. There are also USB cable and Instruction book. It’s good to read it before usage.


  • 120° range
  • 3 PIR
  • micro SD card and battery not included
  • 0,3 trigger speed

Conclusion: Which Hunting Cameras Are Worth To Buy?

If you need a hunting camera which will also help you to target, I recommend this Tactacam 5.0 hunting camera. With its 8x zoom option, this camera will allow you the view in detail. This Campark trail camera is also quality camera. It has good resolution and wide detection range.

If you didn’t find the best choise for you in this post, you can read this best rated trail camera post to see more models. If you want to watch photos on your mobile phone, you might be interested in this post about deer cameras that send pictures to your phone. Or if you’d rather like to oversee birds, check this post about best camera for bird photography.