Best Wildview Game Trail Cameras For Sale In 2021 Reviews

Are you passionate about trail hunting and in search of the best camera for you?

Then you should read this article and take into consideration our Wildview game camera review!

I will introduce the best Wildview trail cam on the camera market. You can read about its features, durability and overall quality, as well as the other important specifications. You will be able to compare it to other options and decide if it suits you well.


Information About Wildview Manufacturer

Stealth Cam Surveillance Cameras

Stealth Cam brand has been founded in 2000 and since they have revolutionized trail cameras and the process of their production. They are manufacturing hunting cameras from start to finish as one entity, not by combining different parts. By trying to be the best in areas as marketing and customer service, they have risen to the top and finally presented, once luxury products, as mainstream and available to anyone passionate about wildlife and outdoors.

Introduction Of The Wildview Brand

When customer focus shifted from 35mm to digital cameras, the Stealth Cam brand tried to answer their demands and introduced digital technology to their scouting cameras. Because of the complications of digital programming, they presented their new brand – Wildview. Wildview cameras apply not so complicated and user-friendly interface and at the same time keep fundamental components of Stealth Cam. In that way, they reinvented the game cameras and Wildview became one of the most sought-after and beloved cameras in the market.

Wildview Limited Warranty Information

Every Wildview camera comes with a 1-year limited warranty. That warranty includes parts and labor and it can be used from the day the product is purchased. A user should buy the Wildview camera from a certified dealer. Products bought through an individual or unauthorized online sites will not be covered by the official warranty. If there are any errors in design or original materials, the warranty will have that covered. Unlike any accidental or deliberate damage or misconduct. You should keep your original purchase receipts in case you need to use your warranty services.

Wildview Customer Service And Technical Support

If you are in need of technical support or want to talk to a customer service representative, here is some contact information. You can send an e-mail in which case you will wait up to 2 days for a reply.

Top Wildview Trail Camera

Wildview STC-WV24k1 TK-24 Trail Camera

Easy Set-Up Process

This user-friendly camera is compact and not complicated to use. It comes with an 8-piece set of AA batteries and an SD memory card which makes it much easier to set it up and start using it. Quick Set simple switch programming makes the programming of the TK-24 trail camera easier than ever.

Wildview STC-WV24k1 TK-24 Trail Camera

Advantages Of Strong Processor

The ZX7 Gen 2 Processor, in combination with TRIAD Armed technology, provides high performance and charging of hunting cameras. That also contributes to the fast speed of a trigger, better and prolonged battery endurance, and the easy set-up we already mentioned.

High Definition Video And Camera Settings

TK-24 game camera has HD Video. It has the Reflex Sub 1-Second trigger and the Burst Rapid-Fire Mode. Those settings provide recovery time out (20 seconds/1 minute/5 minute/10 minutes) and very clear audio quality. There is also a hybrid time-lapse setting. Altogether, it makes for essentially a three-in-one camera. It also includes data time code stamping, which will be helpful for those who want to edit their footage later. The 6 Megapixels camera offers two different resolutions (6MP/3MP) for still photography.

Wildview STC-WV24k1 TK-24 Trail Camera review

Sensitivity Range And Other Features

This trail camera also includes 24 IR emitters and a range up to 30 feet. The Multi-Zone Detection will cover numerous angles and distances, which maximizes TK-24 triggering accuracy. The hunter can use the stamp which provides a time, date, temperature and moon phase information to identify the specific wildlife habits. The camera is also weather-resistant, it has an external LCD status display with USB output and SD card slot (32 GB).


  • 6MP/3MP
  • HD video recording
  • 875 X 4.875
  • 24 IR emitters
  • 30 ft. range with Reflex Trigger
  • 8 AA batteries and external power jack (not included)

Wildview Trail Cameras Manual And Instructions

Currently, the manual for Wildview TK-24 game camera is not available online, but every user who orders a Wildview product will receive a manual with it. You can check out an online manual for a similar model Wildview Game Camera Manual TK-40.

Conclusion: Are Wildview Trail Cameras For You?

The Wildview TK-24 game camera is the best trail camera for any hunter who is not high-maintenance. It is easy to set up and handle, and it already comes with batteries and SD card. There are a lot of video settings, so you can personalize your experience. These Wildview trail camis a resistant camera with a strong processor.

If Wildview cameras aren’t the best for you, you can check out more models in my post about the best trail cameras. Also, if you know what you want to monitor bigger animals, check out my post about deer trail cameras. Or if you have a certain budget you want to respect, check out my post about best budget trail cameras.