Top Bresser Game Trail Cameras Reviews You Can Buy In 2021

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I will give the review for the best Bresser trail camera on the camera market now. By reading this review you will discover everything about its settings, parts, design, and overall quality, as well as the other important specifications. After reading it, it will be easier to determine if this Bresser cam is or isn’t for you.


Information About Bresser Manufacturer

Expansion Of The Bresser Company

Bresser company has been around for a long time. They started their journey in 1957 in Germany by importing and distributing binoculars. In 1979, they expanded their business and became one of the leading names in the industry of optical instruments. Their cutting-edge innovative design and technical development of their products established them on the European market as one of the leading suppliers in the industry. Today, in collaboration with Explore Scientific, they are the global brand.

Where To Buy Bresser Products

The company sells their products only online, through its official website and other online stores, such as Amazon, where you can find a large number of customer reviews.

Bresser Customer Service Center

The Explore Scientific website also offers Customer Service Center where you can create an account and sign in. You can leave them a message with any question and a customer support agent will get in contact with you. They also offer a Knowledge Base and an online option to register your product.

Bresser Warranty And Registering Policy

Explore Scientific USA covers a Limited 1 Year Warranty for all the products purchased with their company. If you register your product within 60 days of buying it, you are qualified to receive the Explore STAR Transferrable Extended Lifetime Warranty. If you register your product, you also get a variety of other benefits.

Other Benefits After Registering The Product

You can make use of Regular Maintenance Explore Scientific offers. It includes professional cleaning for registered products. Although shipping charges apply to the maintenance, the company can provide you with shipping accounts to lower those costs. They are also providing Repair service to which shipping charges also apply if you purchased the item over 30 days before reaching out. Registered users also receive special offers and updates as soon as the brand releases the information.

Bresser Trail Cameras Reviews

Bresser Game Camera 5MP

General Description Of Bresser 5MP

You can use your Bresser game camera in a variety of situations, whether you want to watch and record the wildlife (such as deer or other animals), or just use it as a surveillance camera. It comes with a 1.44in LCD color display screen for reviewing images. Also, it has a slot for a micro SD card, which does not come within a purchased package. The camera only takes still image photos, so you will not be able to record videos. The camera takes an 8-piece set of AA batteries.

Bresser Game Camera 5 MP Standard Green

Design Features Of Bresser 5MP Camera

Bresser 5MP trail camera has a compact design. Its dimensions are – 3 inches in width (76mm), 7 inches in height (178mm), and 2 inches in length (51mm). It comes in a solid and durable plastic housing that is green and easily disguised. Users will also get a USB cable for additional personal purposes.

Trigger Speed And Detection Range

This camera has a sufficient field view of 45 feet (around 14 meters). With a trigger speed of 1.2 seconds, it can detect any intruders during both night and day. Its passive IR motion sensor allows its users to take night photos in an approximately same range. You can program your camera to be triggered by a motion sensor, time, or even both.

Bresser Game Camera 5 MP Standard Green review

Bresser 5MP Warranty Policy

With your Bresser 5MP game camera, you get Bresser 90 Day Warranty. However, if you register your product within 60 days of your purchase, you will be provided by Bresser 1 Year Limited Warranty. You can visit their official website to register and to read all about the registering benefits and their return policy.


  • 2s trigger speed
  • Operates with 8 “AA” batteries
  • 5MP resolution
  • 45 feet detection range
  • IR flash for Night Vision

Bresser Game Camera Manual And Instructions

Every Bresser camera comes with a Bresser trail camera manual to help its users.You can register online on their official website to get a printable PDF user manual. To read how to set up and use the Bresser 5MP game trail camera right now, visit this online link.

Conclusion: Are Bresser Trail Cameras What You Are Searching For?

With this small and compact camera, you can monitor whatever you would like. It supports still images and it takes both day or night pictures. Bresser 5MP game trail camera will work the best as your backyard surveillance system, as it will catch any motion in a range of 45 feet.

If Bresser cameras aren’t what you are looking for, you can check out more models in my post about best trail cameras for security. Also, if you are specifically interested in photographing wildlife, check out my post about the best cameras for wildlife photography. Or if you are on the move and want to be able to transfer your files easily, check out my post about Bluetooth game cameras.